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    Commercial Washrooms Kent

    Commercial Washrooms in Kent

    If the washrooms in your commercial building are run down, or just uninspired, it could cost you tenants. Just as prospective homeowners will pass on a house because of a shabby bathroom, so too will commercial tenants pass on leasing all or part of a building if the washrooms are not up to speed. Why? For several reasons, including company image as well as attracting and retaining quality employees. Whether you’re building, renovating, or refurbishing call the pros at Frontline Construction for commercial washroom design and fitting in Kent.

    The Importance of Commercial Washroom Design and Fitting in Kent

    Most medium and large companies have some type of mission statement drawn up that they wave in the face of prospective employees. These declarations of purpose are often professionally written, compelling narratives. However, studies indicate that the humble washroom can exert much more influence over a person’s decision to take or pass on a job than the flowery mission statement or other such inducements.

    Commercial Washroom Designs That Matter

    While shabby washrooms won’t attract employees, clients or tenants, restrooms that are thoughtfully designed and professionally installed by experienced fitters will. Thoughtful design is not as simple a concept as it might seem, however. You see, anyone can create an all-white washroom that is full of new things, but that doesn’t mean proper thought was given to the design. It takes a special talent to understand how materials, textures and light affect the experience of the commercial washroom, and how to mix and match those things to produce an agreeable experience for the target “audience”, if you will.

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    Many people believe that a washroom is a washroom. But if you have property to lease, or you are a business in search of a new office, you know that’s not the case. (Or, if you didn’t know before then you know now.) The company you choose to design and install the commercial washrooms in your Kent building needs to understand the nuances of washroom design and be able to realise that design in an uncompromising fashion. In Kent, that company is Frontline Construction. Give us a call today on 0208 914 7832.

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