Washrooms for Developers, Contracts & Local Authorities

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    Washrooms for Developers, Contracts & Local Authorities

    When it comes to construction projects involving public facilities things can get complicated from the contractor’s end. But it isn’t any easier for the local authorities. While the need may be great, some of the most qualified construction companies shy away from public works, due mostly to the number of bureaucratic hurdles that need to be cleared before approval can be granted and funds appropriated. This often leaves local councils in a tight spot. They are beholden to taxpayers to deliver quality work at competitive rates, but their choice of contractors is limited.

    The Smart Answer for Developers, Contracts & Local Authorities

    Many times what grinds the approval process to a halt on publicly funded projects is the sheer number of contractors involved. This is often the case even when it comes to something as seemingly straightforward as refurbishing a washroom in a public facility. That’s where Frontline Construction comes in. We handle all aspects of a project, from design to fitting to finish work, in-house. This enables us to provide a couple of things that local councils appreciate: a simplified process at a more reasonable cost.

    Keep it Simple

    As a general rule, the fewer entities involved in a public works project the better it is for developers, contracts and local authorities. And that is certainly the case when Frontline Construction is involved. Even if washroom refurbishment is one part of the larger project, having just one company handle all aspects of the washroom design and build can greatly simplify things and help keep costs under control. This is just one of the many benefits of enlisting the services of Frontline Construction.

    Take Advantage of Our Experience

    At the beginning, we mentioned that some of the most qualified construction companies shy away from public works projects. But that is not the case with Frontline, our experience and expertise make us the ideal choice for publicly funded projects, a point driven home by the fact that we are also able to keep costs under control. If you are a developer seeking a partner on a public works project contact Frontline Construction on 0208 914 7832 and discover how we can help.

    Washrooms for Developers & Local Authorities

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