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Your bathroom is more than just a place to take a shower and brush your teeth; It is a room that reflects your personality. Whether you like minimalism, glamour, or something in-between, it’s important to find the bathroom style that best suits your needs. But what trends are hot in 2022? Here are some options for you to consider as the most popular bathroom styles this year.

dark color Bathroom Style


Luxury Modern

If you love modern bathrooms that are sleek and sophisticated, the modern luxury bathroom is your ideal style. These bathrooms are minimalistic, with clean lines and white tiled floors. Some features of a modern luxury bathroom include frameless glass shower doors, large walk-in showers with tile accents, or marble countertops with dark wood cabinets.

The Minimalist’s Bathroom

The minimalist bathroom design is a big trend for 2022. There are several reasons why this style of bathroom might be popular for years to come. One of these reasons is that more people are looking to buy smaller homes, which often include small bathrooms. A minimalist style effectively allows the bathroom to feel more spacious and larger than it actually is.

Another reason that minimalist designs are trending right now is that people are looking for a simple, elegant aesthetic. Minimalist bathrooms can create a calming environment that’s perfect for relaxing while you take care of your morning routine.

A third reason why minimalist trends are so popular right now is that they’re easy to clean and keep organised. The lack of clutter and unnecessary items in a minimalist design makes it very easy to keep up with any messes or spills that occur. More people will likely flock towards this design because it’s cost-effective, space-saving and quick to clean.

White Pink bathroom style


Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

It’s not just your living room that can have a rustic farmhouse look. The bathroom is a great place to incorporate this trend, too. Antique-style framed mirrors in your shower, natural stone flooring, and a lighted shelf with plants are just some of the elements that bring this look together.

The best part? You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve this look. We can help you create this style by incorporating a reclaimed wood furniture piece for your sink or adding an antique-style mirror. Give us a call at Frontline Construction on 0208 914 7832 to discuss your dream bathroom for 2022.