Things to Consider Before a Commercial Washroom Renovation

Things to Consider Before a Commercial Washroom Renovation

Things to Consider Before a Commercial Washroom Renovation

Planning a commercial washroom renovation can be a highly stressful ordeal as there are many more practical factors to consider than a domestic renovation, and there are often many more stakeholders involved. Fortunately, this blog post will go through everything you need to consider when planning a washroom renovation for your commercial workplace.

When considering a commercial washroom renovation for offices, schools, hospitality and leisure, and local authorities, the first step is to create a specification which often involves 4 main factors: Washroom environment and use, budget, aesthetics, and project duration.

Commercial Washrooms

Environment and Use

Firstly, it’s important to note the current usage of the washrooms to see if extra or less capacity is needed. This is important across all commercial sectors as under-capacity washrooms can really disrupt an organisation’s workflow. Environment and use must also consider accessibility as it is vital that all potential users are able to use the washroom easily.

Additionally, there are also sector-specific environmental factors which need to be considered for commercial washrooms, such as ensuring school washrooms are fully accessible for children and do not present any potential hazards.

Leisure washrooms are often designed to incorporate shower facilities, while changing facilities may also be needed in office washrooms if users are cycling to work.

Hospitality and Leisure


The aesthetics are an important consideration for commercial washrooms, and they can in large parts be based on the environment and use area of the specification. Aesthetics are going to be of greater significance in commercial spaces used to host high-profile businesses or luxury leisure centres than sectors such as schools where practicality is more important than looks.

Aesthetics are often strongly related to the budget of the project, the greater the budget, the more leeway there is for luxury furnishings and materials.

Project Duration

The project duration is an often-understated area of the specification as many people fail to consider the impact of the current washrooms being out of use while the renovation is taking place. This is especially important for small businesses without alternative washroom facilities, as other measures such as remote working may need to be introduced while the renovation is taking place.

For schools it is important to ensure that alternative washrooms are available for students, or the project could take place in school holidays when usage is much lower.

Large-scale washroom renovations can take many weeks to complete therefore it is important to ensure that alternative washrooms are made available for your organisation.


Lastly, the budget brings each factor in the specification together. After considering the environment and use you’ll have a good idea of whether extra facilities would be needed for your current washrooms. Considering the aesthetic requirements will give you a better idea of potential material use and furnishings for your new washrooms, and lastly considering the project duration will help to get a better understanding of potential labour and disruption costs for the renovation.

The team of experts at Frontline are more than happy to guide you through the commercial washroom process, creating a renovation specification which will add both practical and aesthetic value to your commercial washrooms. For all enquiries, please call 0208 914 7832 or email:

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