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When it comes to home improvements, bathroom renovations are often overlooked as people believe they are too expensive or too much hassle. However, this is often not the case as this blog post will explain the renovation process step by step, showing how renovations can be much more feasible than many realise.

Frontline Construction is a full-service design and installation company, which means we handle every aspect of the renovation process for you. While this is different to some other companies, we recommend using a full-service company as it leads to a much more streamlined and efficient process.

Below is the breakdown of the usual bathroom renovation process:



1. Assess your Requirements

Firstly, it’s important to look at your current bathroom and assess whether it meets the needs of your home environment. Things like excess space, unused features, and worn-out units are important to consider here.

For example, if there is excess space in the bathroom, it could be worth adding a luxury feature such as a free-standing bath. Whereas if the current bath isn’t being used, it could be time to swap it for a walk-in shower.

2. Setting the Budget

Once all requirements have been agreed, it’s time to set the budget for the project. The budget should take in to account new fixtures and vanity pieces, wall coverings, lighting costs and labour costs.

3. Reach Out to Design Company

When choosing Frontline Construction to handle your renovation, we will schedule a home visit with a member of our design team at a time which is convenient for you. This visit will enable us to discuss the possibilities for your renovation and provide you with a detailed, competitive quotation.

4. Finalise Designs

The next step is to finalise design options including colour schemes, vanity fixtures, lighting, and floor coverings. Our in-house design experts will be on hand every step of the way to help you transform your dream bathroom plans into reality.

5. Removal of Old Bathroom

This step brings the largest amount of disruption during the process as current fittings and coverings have to be removed to make way for the new bathroom. Frontline Construction will always do our upmost to prevent disruption, while also ensuring no damage to the interior of the house is caused during the process through installing protective features throughout.

Frontline Construction Renovation Experts


6. Installation of New Bathroom

Finally, the most exciting part of the renovation process is seeing your new bathroom come to life! Our expert fitters will firstly fix any plumbing and electrical requirements, then handle wall and floor coverings.

Subsequently, the fitters will handle the installation of sanitary-ware and furnishings, ensuring the highest possible standards at all times.

Before you know it, your dream bathroom will be ready for regular use, and you can relax knowing you made the right choice opting for a bathroom renovation.

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