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Jack and Jill Bathroom Design and Fitting in Bromley

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    Jack and Jill Bathroom Design and Fitting in Bromley

    Frontline Construction is the company to call for Jack and Jill bathroom design and fitting in Bromley. A Jack and Jill bathroom, in case you aren’t familiar with the term, is a shared bathroom typically located between two bedrooms with access from each bedroom. Amenities are separated, often by doors, which means one child can brush their teeth while another one showers without compromising the privacy of either. There are usually a pair of sinks and a single toilet which, like the shower, is behind a door for privacy purposes. Jack and Jill bathrooms can take on almost unlimited configurations and can be adapted to any decent sized space.

    Jack and Jill Bathroom Design and Fitting Bromley
    Jack and Jill Bathroom Fitting Bromley

    Squeeze More from Your Floorplan with a Jack and Jill Bathroom from Frontline Construction

    Where there is more than one child in the house the bathroom can become the focal point for conflict. Especially in the morning when everyone is getting ready to face the day. The Jack and Jill bathroom eliminates most bottlenecks by providing access to more than one child while retaining privacy for each. Even a small bathroom with only room for one sink can be converted to a Jack and Jill by putting the shower and toilet behind a door. It’s an ideal space-saving solution that enables you to squeeze more from your existing floorplan, while at the same time enhancing the value of your home and restoring peace and tranquillity.

    Affordable Jack and Jill Bathroom Design and Fitting in Bromley

    There is no time like the present to consider installing a Jack and Jill bathroom in your Bromley home. The professionals at Frontline Construction ensure the entire process is hassle-free and affordable. We handle every aspect of the project from design to fitting. That eliminates errors and delays caused by the failure of contractors to communicate with one another. When finished, your home will be more functional, more versatile, more peaceful, and more valuable. And that is an attractive proposition no matter how you slice it. To learn more about having a Jack and Jill bathroom installed in your home, call Frontline Construction today on 0208 914 7832.

    Jack and Jill Bathroom Fitting in Bromley

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