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    Guest Bathroom Design and Fitters in Bromley

    When family and friends descend on your home for the holiday season, birthdays and other occasions the fun stops at the line outside the bathroom. The answer to this age-old problem is the guest bathroom. Adding a guest bathroom is less expensive than you might imagine and will add significant bottom-line value to your home, while simultaneously making it more hospitable for everyone. Frontline Construction provides comprehensive guest bathroom design and fitting services for Bromley homeowners intent on maximising the functionality of their home.

    Guest Bathroom Design and Fitters Bromley
    Guest Bathroom Fitters Bromley

    Adding a Guest Bathroom Is Easier Than You Think

    Homeowners often reject the idea of adding a guest bathroom simply because they think they don’t have enough available space. They are sure they would have to add an extension to the house and, quite understandably, don’t want to be bothered. But the fact is, a guest bathroom is just that: a guest bathroom. It is not intended to be the equal of the master bath. So the amount of space required is typically much less than most homeowners imagine. For instance, a guest bathroom can be carved out of idle space at the end of a hallway. A large closet can also be converted to a guest bathroom. Or, if you have a large guest bedroom, the bathroom can be added directly into it.

    The Premier Guest Bathroom Design and Fitters in Bromley

    As long as you are able to locate the new guest bathroom close to existing plumbing the cost will be relatively modest. Another consideration when it comes to controlling cost is the company you choose to do the installation. Frontline Construction has years of residential design and construction experience and have successfully added guest bathrooms to scores of homes in Bromley and beyond. We keep all aspects of the design and construction process under one roof. This eliminates the need to wrestle with multiple contractors, reduces the time from conception to completion, and results in significant savings that we are then able to pass on to you. If you have always wanted to add a guest bathroom, talk to the pros at Frontline Construction.

    Guest Bathroom Fitters in Bromley

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