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The kitchen is the integral centrepiece of a home, where meals are enjoyed and guests are entertained. Kitchen design and fittings are so important as they have to be both practical and stylish, this often causes nervousness around kitchen renovations due to the variety of options available.

This post will explain the stages and considerations involved in a typical kitchen renovation to give you the inspiration you need to get your dream kitchen renovation in 2021.

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Spatial Requirements

Before you start thinking about possible design ideas, it’s important to assess your current space and possible budget, to check whether it would be possible to extend your current kitchen or remove a wall to create an open plan layout. In some cases, planning permission may be needed for a kitchen extension if it will make a major change to the current property.

Materials and Design

Nowadays, there is a plethora of options available for kitchen design. Ranging from natural wood rustic designs, to modern and country styles. Designs need to consider practical elements such as durability and safety if there will be children using the kitchen, and enough countertop space to comfortably prepare meals in the kitchen.


Having ample storage is a key factor to take in to consideration when planning a kitchen renovation. When space is limited, modern design units have high practicality where different hinge options can add additional storage without taking up much more space.

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Layout & Appliances

Layout considerations are vital when planning a kitchen renovation to ensure it retains strong functionality at all times. This includes appliance layout; these can be built in to units to help preserve space, most modern kitchen designs now incorporate induction hobs which are typically built in to units. The size of appliances should also be considered as if fridge/freezer space is constantly limited, this will cause disruption.

The type of appliances must also be considered, dishwashers save precious time for busy families, and can be incorporated into small kitchens using built-in units. It is also not uncommon to expand the kitchen to incorporate a 2nd oven to make life easier when hosting family and friends.

The layout should also be considered from an aesthetic point of view where the renovation makes the best possible use of the space, letting in ample natural light and arranging units in a practical yet stylish manner.

Budget & Time Period

The budget should always be one of the first considerations for a renovation project, but it is easier to gain an understanding of potential costs once spatial requirements, materials and design, and layout and appliances have been considered.

Large-scale kitchen renovations where extensions or structural adjustments will be required will obviously need a larger budget and time period for the renovation to take place, these will also include labour costs and potential planning costs too.

Frontline’s expert designers will happily visit your home to assess your space and discuss options for a renovation, with a competitive quotation. Following this, a construction schedule will be composed, taking the household needs into consideration to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

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