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Rustic bathroom designs are one of the most popular and on-trend bathroom designs at the moment and it’s easy to see why, the effortless combination of natural materials and colour schemes creates the perfect relaxing environment for your bathroom.

Here at Frontline Construction, we’ve designed and fitted hundreds of rustic bathrooms, and this blog post will explain everything you need to create your own perfect rustic space.


rustic bathroom


Rustic designs incorporate many different materials in surfaces and furnishings to create a natural and textured look. If you are struggling to think of what would look good in your bathroom, consider the themes used throughout your property and see if these can be carried through to be consistent with your bathroom. People who live in rural settings often utilise wooden or stone materials in their bathrooms to reflect the character of the property, and this creates a wonderful rustic look.

We have recently written another blog post on bathroom materials which breaks down the materials commonly used for bathroom design if you need additional inspiration.


Rustic designs are all about going for something different rather than the standard contemporary design, that’s why the possibilities for furnishings are endless and easily adaptable to taste. Popular furnishings include using wooden storage methods such as crates to create a natural, textured look. Free-standing baths are widely used as standout centrepieces for rustic designs, as well as copper shower heads and taps to give a farmhouse feel.

Rustic designs also often use minimalist lighting to create an ambient effect, often through the use of art-deco lighting installations.

Colour Schemes and Tiling Options

There are a multitude of options available when it comes to colour schemes and tiling options for rustic designs. Many people used textured paint or stone-effect tiles to add an extra dimension to their design, giving it a bold yet natural look. Exposed wood panels or brickwork are also commonly used to create a natural, homely feel. It is also popular to mismatch tiles and patterns to create an asymmetric rustic look which stands out from other designs.

When considering a colour scheme for a rustic design, less is often more. Going too overboard with overpowering colours can reduce the effects from the natural elements of the design, stripping back the colour scheme to let the natural elements stand out often creates the ideal rustic look.


rustic bathroom

Finishing Touches

Adding final furnishings such as plants and art pieces can really elevate your rustic design to the next level. We recommend using plants which thrive in high-humidity environments such as snake plants or aloe vera, or plants needing bright-light such as the fiddle leaf fig. Adding foliage to your bathroom will complement the natural design, helping to build the perfect rustic oasis.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and have gained further inspiration for a rustic bathroom. If you’d like to discuss our bathroom fitting services, please call us on 0208 914 7832 or e-mail: