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Ever since they’ve become popular, bathroom tile has been getting more and more creative. Today, you can choose from a variety of styles, colours, and patterns in different types of tile. But what is it about this space that makes it so popular? Is there anything we can expect from bathroom tile in the coming years? Read on for some of the latest trends in bathroom tile for 2022. And when you’re ready to put your tile of choice to the test, call Frontline Construction.

Bathroom Tile Trends 2022

Geometric tile

The first trend for bathroom tile for 2022 is geometric shapes. Whether you choose a square pattern or a hexagonal pattern, this design offers both variation and creativity. With the availability of so many different colours, there are endless possibilities for your shower or bath space. And with the variety of textures available, it’s easy to find one that complements your bathroom.

3D tiles

3D tiles have become a popular feature in bathrooms. These are often made of glass or ceramic and create the illusion of depth in your bathroom. Moreover, they offer an interesting way to design your bathroom without making it feel too overwhelming or dark.

Triangular tile

Triangular tile is another one of the latest trends in bathroom tile for 2022. This unique shape provides an interesting look and can be incorporated into many different styles of bathrooms.

Tile trends for bathrooms in 2022

Textured tile

Textured tile is a popular trend in the tile industry, and for good reason. It’s seen in both kitchens and bathrooms, but it’s especially popular in the bathroom because it provides an easy way to add some contrast to the room. Plus, textured tile looks great even when wet!

Patterned tile

Patterned tile is a trend that’s been growing in popularity for the past few years. These tiles are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. What’s more, they can be used as accent tile or to cover the entire bathroom floor.

Single-colour tile

In the past, all bathroom tile was just one or two colours; usually black, white, or both. But that’s changed in recent years as people have become more creative and open-minded about their choices. Today, you can find a number of bright, bold and beautiful single-colour tiles on the market, meaning it’s easier than ever to get exactly what you want for your home. If you’re not sure what you want your bathroom to look like but still want something different from the norm, single-colour tiles are a great option.