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Last month, we brought you some of our favourite bathroom design ideas for the new year, and this month we’re bringing you the second instalment with yet more bathroom inspiration to give your space the dream renovation you’ve always wanted.

This post will showcase 3 more of our favourite bathroom designs, contemporary, Scandi, and ensuite, exploring their suitability for all different family requirements.

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Contemporary Bathroom Design

First up, it’s one of the most popular and trendy designs, the contemporary bathroom. This design gets its popularity due to having endless possibilities to be creative with cutting-edge furnishings and innovative storage ideas. Walk- in showers are often a staple in contemporary bathroom design as they present a smart option to maintain a sleek look while also being conscious of space. The contemporary design also appeals to a wide audience due to its ability to utilise elements of other designs such as rustic and industrial in order to create that stunning, on trend bathroom look.

At Frontline Construction, we use computer aided design (CAD) to help make your contemporary bathroom design dreams a reality, enabling you to really think outside of the box for your refurbishment. We believe this design will be a frontrunner for families of all sizes as it incorporates furnishings which can easily be designed to suit your bathroom requirements, while maintaining style and a modern feel simultaneously.

Scandi Bathrooms Bromley

Scandi Bathroom Design

The Scandinavian bathroom design has been slowly increasing in popularity ever since the second half of the 20th century, and its very easy to see why. This design emphasises the importance of creating a bright, open space with limited colours and materials. The use of neutral tones and simple furnishings creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a busy day’s work. What’s more, the design often blends seamlessly with other elements of interior design, especially kitchens which often use colours and styles very similar to those of the Scandi design, meaning you won’t have to change the whole house to match your stunning new Scandi bathroom.

We believe the Scandi design is perfect for those with larger bathroom spaces benefiting from plenty of natural light as this really helps to give it that bright, sleek look which is integral to the design. However, its emphasis on minimalistic elements means that it can easily be adapted to smaller spaces to suit your needs.

Ensuite Bathroom Bromley

Ensuite Bathroom Design

Finally, we couldn’t go through our favourite bathroom design ideas without mentioning the ensuite bathroom design, perfect for that extra privacy to get away from the rest of the family. The term ensuite literally means ‘in the room’ and this design option has been gaining popularity since the 1950’s as more and more people opt for the privacy and proximity benefits offered by having an ensuite.

The ensuite design also offers a full range of flexibility to be tailored to your specific requirements in terms of size and fixtures, ranging from a half bath to a full bathroom. What’s more, they can easily be designed to match the interior style of the adjoining room and the rest of the property.

We believe ensuite bathrooms are not only perfect for those looking to take their master bedrooms to the next level, but they also represent an excellent option for increasing the overall value of the property, and they are often much more affordable than people realise.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post covering 3 more of our favourite bathroom designs, and if you’d like to make your bathroom dreams a reality this spring please visit or drop us an E-mail at, we’d love to hear from you!